20 suitable fun and affordable gifts

Went for a walk? Five kilometers? Focus on preparing nutritious meals instead of eating out? You should be entertained. If you don't want to reward yourself in the form of food, Livestrong and society6 work together to bring you 20 affordable options that will bring a smile without burning calories.

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1. Remind yourself to "buy it" every time you pick up the case.

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2. Pug Yoga wood wall art

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this wood wall art design features different Pug postures to inspire you to practice yoga.

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start your day with an inspiring message.

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4. My print poster today may add some inspiration to your office or home.

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5. Brown rainbow coffee cup

use this retro rainbow cup to send out a leisurely atmosphere.

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6. Coffee measuring cup

this is the dual function of coffee measuring cup and social measuring cup. Remind everyone to "hush" until you've finished your coffee.

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7. Art prints of avocado toast

add color to your walls, and use this ingenious art drawing inspired by "avocado toast" to put a smile on your face.

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8. Hustle Unisex vest

put on this vest to remind you to run on your feet and strive to achieve your goals.

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9. Avocado Art Print

use this avocado art print to shout out your love for avocado on the roof (or rather, on the wall).

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10. Who says your Sweatshirt must be boring? Use this vomit lift motorcycle fuel tank to show your dog's side.

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11. "Hustle" iPhone case

remind yourself to seize the time every time you use this black and gold case to look at your phone.

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12. "Fight like a girl" black and white tank top can't stop, can't stop "handbag

" PT> this is a perfect farmer's market, an easy beach trip, or a busy day's running. here "can't stop won't stop" handbag here. 14 years old. Daily grind printing decorates your office space with "grind is everything" art printing, which makes you full of passion from 9:00 to 5:00.

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15. Coffee read iPhone case

protect your phone with the drink you choose.

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16. Runners tapestry

show your passion with this unique "runners" tapestry.

read more: get the runners tapestry here.

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17. Coffee and wine Art Print

bring some color to your walls with this interesting "coffee and wine" art print.

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18. Stand up and try again T-shirt

let you and others stand up and try again.

read more: stand up here and try your T-shirt again.

integral: livestrong.com/society6

19. The slice printing of avocado is

inspired by printing, making delicious and nutritious avocado.

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20. Alligator addictions fun quotes throw blankets

snuggle in your addictions with this fun "alligator addictions" throw blankets.

read more: get interesting quotes from "avocado addiction" here and throw blankets.

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What do you think?

What's your favorite reward method after reaching the fitness goal? What social items are on your wish list? Please let us know in the comments section.

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