10 health checks to be done during the wedding

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when you get to a certain age, your social calendar is suddenly filled with weddings - and, of course, with engagement celebrations, bridal showers and Bachelor / bachelor parties. If you take part in many activities in just a few months, you will be at a loss, both mentally and economically. But you can enjoy your loved one's wedding without harming your health in the following 10 ways recommended by experts, so that you can spend the wedding season unharmed. Compare.

if you are single (or married but not engaged), you can easily analyze your relationship status whenever your email receives a wedding invitation. 'rather than comparing yourself to others, it's better to remember that every couple has problems and you don't need to follow others' schedules,' says Jonathan Bennett, a relationship coach. "The wedding will only show the positive and highly idealized side of the relationship between the bride and the groom." Just because your friends are going to get married doesn't mean you are inferior or doomed to be unhappy to some extent. Keep an optimistic and positive attitude and treat every wedding as an opportunity to meet new friends. "You never know: your soul mate may be sitting at the table next door."

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2. Make a budget. With gifts, travel and other expenses, attending a wedding can become expensive. (understatement, right?) "If you have a wedding season coming up, I suggest you make a budget as soon as possible," said Jennifer White, a wedding planner in New Orleans and New York City. Find out how much money you have to spend and how much vacation you can take. Don't make any decisions or commitments until you do. "If you put too much money and time into people's celebrations, you will be unhappy," she said.


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4.; don't force yourself to travel. Be realistic about your vacation and how much time and money you are willing to spend on a couple's celebration. " "If you're so far away that you can't afford not to spend more time on transportation than the actual wedding, you can turn down the invitation," said Karen ertrachter, a travel blog. In fact, many couples with destination weddings, especially those with international weddings, hope that a considerable part of the guests they invite may not be able to attend the wedding. Remember, travel is their choice, but not necessarily yours.

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5. Allow yourself to skip the celebration before the wedding.

you may need to compromise on how many wedding related events you attend in order to keep your budget and recharge yourself during the wedding season. This may mean saying no to all the extra engagement parties and showers, if necessary. Although the right thing to do is to give gifts even if you don't show up, it's a good thing. " "Maybe at one party, you can buy a glass of wine, and if you're invited to another party, buy a bottle of good wine to go with it," said Tiffany prechett, the wedding planner. But don't feel obligated to bring gifts for every function. "

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6. Walk out of the hotel room. Don't assume that the hotel proposed by the couple is the only place you can stay. It's worth doing a bit of research to make sure that the prices they get are really the best prices, or whether there's a cheap option nearby. " A family of five may require at least two hotel rooms, which are quite expensive in large urban areas such as New York or Los Angeles. Make travel as easy as you can, especially because you're already committed to it.

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7. Make friends.

share expenses with some friends. You can think about renting a house for a holiday and having a weekend. " For example, in places like Austin, there are some great airbnb options, "said Tiffany prechett, wedding planner. Do some research and make the most of it. She also suggests sharing gift expenses with friends. "If there's a big product with a high price, you know they dream of it and really want it, don't hesitate to let your friends buy it together," she said. My husband and I and our friends worked hard to get a couple to eat barbecue. They were very happy and invited us for a picnic. Win win. "

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8. Check the registration form as early as possible. When it comes to gifts, be sure to peek at the couple's wish list as soon as possible, so that you don't have to randomly assemble various budget kitchenware or springs for large items you can't afford. If you read the registration form earlier, you will have a choice. Wedding planner Tiffany Pritchett said that unless you really, really know the couple well, when it comes to gifts,Don't be a hooligan. " "Buying what you think they need or have sometimes backfires," she said. When in doubt, buying cash, checks or gift cards from the couple's registered store can help a lot. "

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9.; plan your clothes in advance.

plan your wedding dress in advance - everything from head to toe - so you can prepare the necessary items in advance. From earrings, bras and coats to bows, socks and cufflinks, make a list of what you need every time. " "The more you prepare ahead of time, the better your life will be when you pack and leave," said Annie draddy, a career organizer. It's not fun to find a strapless bra or a pair of cute silver heels at the last minute of your shift. "Really.

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10. Maintain organization. Please book your hotel, car rental, flight - everything you may need - as soon as you decide to attend the wedding or pre wedding ceremony. In this way, you won't miss a good deal or rush to think about your arrangements. Then put everything in order so that you can know exactly where and when you need to go. "

" summer is busy, so keep everything (I mean everything) on your calendar - from the start of the wedding, traffic information to travel and hotel locations and booking confirmation numbers, "advises professional organizer Annie Draghi. If you are ambitious, you can also create a printed itinerary with all the necessary information so that you can see everything at a glance.

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What do you think? Is the cost of attending the wedding too high? How will you choose to participate in whose celebration? Should the bride and groom try to meet the guest's budget when planning their wedding? Please let us know in the comments below!

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