12 places where new mothers can find support for a healthy life

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when you have a new baby, there are many things to do: change diapers, manage feeding plans, take care of your family, take care of yourself (to name just a few). Many new mothers are busy balancing their baby's daily and family life, so exercise and a healthy diet seem to be at the bottom of the list. The trick is not to be alone. Look at 10 tips from Moms, fitness experts, and nutritionists for support.

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1. Ladies and gentlemen, many new mothers are in the same boat with you. They feel tired physically and mentally, and can't afford to exercise and cook healthy meals. Work together to make your waistline slim. "Walking with another friend who has just had a baby is not only a support, but also a good way to exercise," said Elizabeth Farrell, yoga coach and practice manager of joint medicine in New Mexico. Take a walk (with or without a stroller) or sign up for a fitness class at your local gym at a specific time of the week to provide day care while you relax and stretch.

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2. Your partner needs to take care of yourself and shape your postpartum BOD. It is important to express your feelings and seek your partner's support. Do you need help eating? So you can jog around. Do you need him to take care of the children so that you can go to the gym? 'communicate your feelings and what you need from your partner,' says Elizabeth Farrell, a yoga teacher. "As new parents, it's important to continue talking and sharing your experiences," she said.

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3. Online community

the support you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle while taking into account new baby responsibilities may be fingertips. Many online communities, blogs and chat boards support new mothers. Mary Hartley said that whether you choose to join a website dedicated to getting your baby back to health, or a nutrition website that helps you track calories and provide nutrition recipes, and build friendships and ties with new mothers who know everything you're going through, you need the motivation. Dietsinreview.com, a resident nutritionist in New York.

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4. Older children do not mean that your family and older children should not drift with the flow because you are the primary caregiver. 'make your older kids part of your self-care and baby care,' says Catherine Basu, a certified fitness expert and owner of fit armadillo in Houston, Texas. "When you're doing some strength training, ask your toddler to carry a tissue or toilet paper role 'weight,'" she said. "When you're looking for healthy food, ask your family to pick fruits and vegetables together." Your children can provide support and encouragement, especially when they are part of your postpartum exercise.

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5. For many women, weight and body image can be a very complex problem, says Fran wolfish, a psychotherapist and author of the book self-conscious parents. Your self-image may be hit, as well as dealing with changes in your body and your new mother. "This loneliness affects good self-care," wolfish said. Seek the help of a family therapist or counselor to help you deal with negative information that may undermine your efforts. Discussing your problems with a professional can help you overcome any emotional challenges you face during this time of change.

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6. Spiritual colleagues seek emotional support from spiritual friends or church members to tap your inner strength. Fran wolfish, a psychotherapist, says that many times, new moms who are trying to shape postpartum BOD face negative self-information, such as "I'm not good enough" or "I'm not beautiful." In this transition period, inspiration may be what you need to relax, accept inner and outer beauty, and rely on people with similar beliefs.

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7. Nutritional resources

looking for recipes for home-made dishes, providing healthy and delicious dishes, sometimes an impossible task with a new baby routine. Don't schedule time to study family friendly foods, attend cooking classes or meet with a nutritionist, and plan healthy meals to simplify your diet and daily life. Many nutritionists and nutritionists can offer healthy choices, simple preparation and appeal to the whole family. If you like to eat when you are cooking, plan a day to cook for a week. When you and your spouse plan and prepare delicious and healthy meals, don't forget to ask friends and family to look after the children.

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8. Fitness center

pick up any celebrity gossip magazine, you are likely to see some celebrities get their bodies back soon after birth. One reason for their success is that they have a team at hand, making their lives easier, says fitness expert Katherine Basu. "By building your own team, take a page from their book," she said. The fitness center offers personal trainers and fitness partners to help motivate you and develop your exercise program. Find the support you need by looking for resources in your local community and fitness center.


9. Social media

if you know where to find it, you can find the support you need through social media. Post an update on your exercise and healthy eating plans and encourage other moms to join you. The social media community can help you set goals, plan meals, and provide time management skills. "Social media has always been a great resource for many busy new moms to support each other, whether they've met before or not," said Keri Lynn Ford, founder of ignitegirls.com, an online fitness community. "Contact women you meet in prenatal classes," she said. "Most likely, they will find a new mom friend to share their treasureBaohe fitness tour. "

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10. Katherine Basu, a fitness professional, said if you can put exercise into your daily life, but still work hard on running errands, cooking and taking care of children, ask friends and family to help the children, and you can take care of your to-do list. Visit siblings, parents or friends who are willing to take care of your children, or organize a group of mothers to take care of your children in turn, so that each mother can catch up with family, work and family responsibilities.

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11. Health food stores

seek health advice from people in the nutrition industry to find the support you need. Tiffany brown, owner of fit4life in Charlotte, N.C., says find a simple, healthy recipe at a health food or vitamin store. These types of stores often offer seminars, workshops, and products to boost your energy, give you the motivation to exercise, and provide your body with the vitamins and minerals you need. Many health food stores offer one-stop grocery stores to help you choose organic and nutritious food for your entire family.

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12. Mom and I have classes

if you are trying to find a nanny to exercise and bring your children! Many gyms, fitness centers, and community centers offer "Mom and me" classes that encourage intimacy and physical and mental health. "These courses provide good support for new mothers," said Jen Fink Oppenheimer, senior teacher of children's Yoga in Kama, New York. "Generally speaking, every class starts with an introduction. Mothers can share with their babies anything that happens during their development, or anything related to their bodies." When the exercise instruction is consistent with the needs of the mother and the baby, they can customize the course according to their needs. Credit: julief514 / iStock / gettyimages

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