How pets affect and disrupt your relationships

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there should be a word when you realize that your relationship is over. For me, that moment can be summed up in one syllable: dog. I soon fell in love with my dog Zoe, but my boyfriend really, really didn't. In this way, our relationship began to break down and we broke up a few months later. After finding a new place to welcome Zoe and me, I moved to a nice, smart, funny, handsome man next door who has his own pet. He and I became good friends and later partners. A year and a half later, we got married at the door of the meeting. Since then, animals have been a key part of our relationship. In retrospect, I or animal behavior experts were not surprised that the same animal separated one relationship and ignited another. As a valuable pet parent, it's often not easy, and it's not something to take lightly. If you're considering adding a furry friend to your relationship, take the time to weigh the pros and cons.

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Pro: better health and long life "When we interact with them and meet their needs, they act as social lubricants that help regulate our mood, mood, mental state and physical form," said Russell Hartstein, a Los Angeles certified dog behavior consultant and trainer. If most couples are pet parents, their overall health will be better and their lifespan will be longer. " It may be particularly beneficial to have a dog. A team of experts from the American Heart Association reviewed studies of dog owners and determined that they are more likely to exercise, have healthier cholesterol and blood pressure levels, are more likely to be affected by stress than those who do not have a dog, and are more likely to survive a heart attack.

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con: they increase stress

If a partner is not a pet, pets can become a source of tension. Fans or other reasons, such as high liability or financial costs. Stress hurts you more than your relationship. Patty wood, a body language expert on humans and dogs, said the more pressure you feel, the more pressure your pet might feel. Studies have shown that even cats who are considered emotionally distant are sensitive to their owners' emotions. " "You're the leader of this group, usually one of their only sources of animal contact," she said. They match and mirror your nonverbal cues, so it can be taxed. "

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> No, not just with your animals. A 2009 study published in the journal Hormones and behavior showed that when you pet, hold or lock your eyes with a dog, your body produces more oxytocin, also known as "cuddle hormone." Other pets, including many cats, birds and guinea pigs, are equally affectionate. This, in turn, will make you more likely to make physical connections with your partner, which will cause more hormone production.

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con: financial cost of food and toys

, bedding and belts to pet care and medical expenses, pet care will become expensive. According to ASPCA, the first year of caring for a medium-sized dog can cost more than $1270. Your first year with a cat costs about $1070. If your pet has special health needs, such as chronic disease, injury or food allergy, the cost may be higher. Other studies published in the UK in 2017 showed that a dog could spend between $27000 and $42000 in its lifetime, seven times more than participants estimated. A rabbit can cost $12400 to $19000, and a cat can cost $31000. You can save on medical expenses through pet health insurance, but it will cost you monthly.

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major: when cultivating pets, strengthening empathy and communication seems to be more important than empathy and communication. The ability to feel or understand your partner's feelings and communication, from your needs and desires to your challenges and setbacks, is far from enough. Oxytocin, a cuddle hormone that interacts with pets, is also closely related to these relational properties - so much so that scientists think it's "the glue of nature's love." A study published in Psychoneuroendocrinology in February 2014 showed that oxytocin levels are very high at the stage of a pet falling in love. Relationship. Pets can help keep you drunk.

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con: less freedom

unless you have goldfish or hermit crab, pets are a considerable responsibility. Once you have a pet, you may miss the freedom to do anything at any time before. " Many couples only consider the cost of buying a pet, which is the smallest part of being a pet parent, "said Russell Hartstein, a dog consultant and trainer. The real cost is to meet the needs of dogs (or cats) in behavior, nutrition, emotion, energy and medicine. The list is long. "

this means arranging for someone to take care of your pet's exercise, feeding and hygiene while you are away. It may also mean less spontaneous outings. Unless you have a pet that can travel well, you may need to change some holidays to rest, or at least shorten some travel time.

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Pro: less anxiety

> heard the phrase "happy wife", happy life? " It may apply to all gender and relationship types. Pets can help ease anxiety, which affects 18% of the population to a serious degree, and reduce loneliness, which not only affects single people. It's worth noting that psychologists believe that loneliness can distort our view of others and even make us belittle our relationships. Some time with pets may helpTo prevent or manage these effects. Research shows that touching an animal you don't own can help ease your nerves.

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con: they can make it harder to break up

pets may not be children, but for many couples, they can also become part of the family. If you break up with your partner, determining who gets the pet, or when to take care of it, can add challenges and confusion to an already chaotic situation. If you decide to alternate care, it's also difficult for animals to adapt to two different lives, said Irene askelan: "couples who don't want to continue any relationship after a breakup may not want a pet at all - usually because the pet reminds them of the other half - or they may quarrel about who will keep the pet." She added that some of them even went to court at a high cost, often ending up with pets in shelters. This is the biggest benefit of welcoming pets into your life and relationships. They can open your heart and fill your days with warmth, joy and compassion. " When I finished my hospitalization (depression), I had a dog. "I really believe he has kept me stable," said Jessica, adding that her relationship with her boyfriend has also benefited. Our dog only does the craziest things, and it's always fun. We've never laughed so much, "although pets should never replace prescription treatment for depression or any disease, the extra allowance may be exactly what doctors ask for. Even if you're not struggling emotionally, more smiles and laughter are almost always a good thing.

olgbreslvtsev / iStock / gettigons H3> con: this will cause sadness and loss

if you are thinking about keeping a pet, consider how it will affect your life and relationships, and how you will respond to any challenges. Discuss all of this with your partner and stay open. If you've never had a pet, you may want to walk, sit or keep a pet before you adopt one. If you are like me, your time training will be short, you may end your journey with two soul mates, and you will never regret it. If you're like my ex boyfriend, you might be glad you didn't get involved. How does a pet enhance or deprive your relationships? Please let us know in the comments!

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