How to not lose oneself in love

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you've been single for a while, and finally feel like you've met "that person." You want to commit, but if that means you lose the independence you have enjoyed since working with Mr. wrong. Whether you have lost your self-awareness in a relationship or want to stop it, there are many ways to enjoy the fruits of a romantic partnership without making yourself sad.

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1. It's important to schedule an independent time, whatever it is, as a couple, but if you've never been separated by being alone, your relationship may be affected. Janet Zinn of LCSW, a couples therapist in New York City, suggests taking the time to develop your health as a powerful way to stay independent. " "When you care about your health, you'll learn more about how you work, rather than relying on your partner to feel good," she said. Go hiking, massage or arrange acupuncture treatment.

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2. Give priority to your friends and family While it's natural to have enough one-on-one time in a relationship, especially at the beginning, maintaining self-awareness also requires making time for other relationships. " We know who we are through our experiences and the people we love. Cultivating what Francis calls "identity contributors" can help you stay in touch with yourself and prevent you from losing important friendships. The credit: viewat / iStock / gettyimages

3. Don't track your partner on social media.

when you're apart, it's easy to see what your partner is doing, but it's not healthy to always scroll on their instagram and twitter, observe their every move. " "Similarly, in real life, it's not appropriate to spend a day with your partner, maintaining similar boundaries on the Internet," Francis said. He added: 'you may be surprised at how much time and effort it takes.' A 2013 study published in online psychology, behaviorism and social networking found that too much time on Facebook can lead to negative relationship outcomes, including divorce.

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IV. Know yourself

if you don't have self-awareness at the beginning, it's much easier to lose yourself in a relationship. Lisa Herman, Psy. D., LP, authorized psychologist and founder of synergy Ethernet, believe that solving this problem is the most important step to maintain authenticity. " "It sounds simple, but for the vast majority of people, it doesn't matter to spend time exploring themselves in a more intimate way," she said. "There are so many things to do in a day, we usually drive by ourselves." "Slowing down and getting to know yourself better can better express your wishes and needs," she added. Take time to meditate, keep a journal or contact yourself more often.

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5. Make sure you don't always change your schedule or interest

you may have seen it in ROM COMS. In order to maintain their marriage, some people pretend that they have the same interest as their fiancee and go all the way to the altar. Although it may be entertaining, it's best to save the scene to a large screen. " It's good to have in common (but) forcing yourself to participate in or accept an interest you don't really like will eventually make you feel miserable and resentful, "says marriage and family therapist shadeen Francis. Instead of changing your life to suit your partner, schedule time for personal pleasure and encourage your partner to do the same.

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6. It's important to respect your partner's personality, as well as your own needs and needs. "If we give others what they need, whether it's time alone, or a night with friends, a natural walk with them - even if it's not your business - then we're developing a healthy person, a dynamic of interdependence based on trust, acceptance and autonomy," said Dr Lisa Herman, a licensed psychologist. Give your partner enough time to pursue his or her interests and hobbies, but also give you time to focus on yourself. As a reward, you will have more topics to talk about, or even to take risks with each other to replace life.

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7. Striving to achieve your personal goal of

supporting your partner can strengthen your relationship, but not if you sacrifice your goals in the process. " Dr. Carla Marie Manley, a clinical psychologist in Santa Rosa, California, said: "some partners make their personal dreams less important than their partner's dreams, because it's an unconscious strategy to avoid the risks, efforts and fears associated with realizing dreams." This can damage self-confidence, life satisfaction and personal growth. To avoid these risks, Manley suggests setting and sticking to important, achievable goals like exercise programs, career aspirations, or creative projects. As a reward, it's two-way. Rael happiness can improve your chances of achieving your goals. The merits of

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8. From where you are now, if you're starting to feel lost in a relationship, put positive change first. It's never too late to take steps to live a fuller, more real life. Talk to your partner about your concerns. If this seems daunting or impossible, consider seeking the support of a qualified professional. Your happiness and happiness are worth it. What do you think of the merits of

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in a relationship, what steps do you take to maintain self-awareness? What related lessons have you learned? Please let us know in the comments!

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