9 ways to make sure your relationship continues

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Valentine's day should not be the only day you celebrate love. However, for many people, once the holiday is over, romance and commitment will go to waste, and people will be lost in daily life and personal affairs. However, relationships cannot be ignored. They need conscious efforts to take root and continue to grow. You can plan a romantic dinner, candlelight, Violin and passion any night of the year. Although you may realize the truth of this sentence, you may not know where to start. To show you the right direction, Anne B. Parker, a health consultant at miraval Arizona Resort and spa, offers tips on how to develop and maintain a caring, loving relationship with loved ones.

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1. "The best way to keep in touch with your loved ones is to be present again and again," said Anne Parker, a health consultant. "Being present" means being fully engaged in what you are sharing at that moment, and really paying attention to the thoughts, feelings and actions you are experiencing together. " When you two share dinner, turn off the TV. Turn off your tablet or smartphone at night so you can spend time fully engaged with your partner - listening, sharing and experiencing the time you spend together. Parker added that while it sounds obvious and straightforward, think about how many times we distract ourselves from really focusing on others. " Without engagement, she said, relationships quickly withered. Acknowledge the positive

although we may fall in love with our partners because of their positive qualities and qualities, daily stress and anxiety can make it too easy for us to focus only on the negative. Anne Parker, a health consultant, said: "make sure you recognize what works and praise things that go well even in conflict. Try to see five positive feelings for each negative feeling or interaction between you two. According to John Gottman, a relationship researcher and writer, this five to one ratio is a typical feature of stable and happy couples. So instead of focusing on how you want your partner to be different, Parker says, "keep in touch with the people you love." Listen now: Mary folio shares her secret to avoid burnout. "Mutual respect means remembering that you are two different people with different perspectives, histories and lifestyles," said Anne Parker, a health consultant. In a paper on romantic love and its barriers published in the American Journal of psychotherapy in 2000, the concept of respect is equivalent to that everyone treats their partner as a person. The theory of the article is that in order to love another person in the fullest sense, to understand and appreciate your partner, like you, is "the center of consciousness of her own world, a partner of choice, a possessor of rights, values and life goals, as well as the experience of happiness and pain. "It's just as important to respect these differences as it is to value similarities," Parker said. We all want to be respected for our identity and uniqueness. "


4. Curious

people want to feel that their other half is interested in them and cares about what is important to them. Develop curiosity and interest in your partner. Don't think you already know all his answers, motives, ideas and experiences. This assumption can make you and your partner's true identity far apart, deprive him of the opportunity to express his opinion, and weaken the intimate relationship. " "Make sure you always have focused time to talk, ask questions and share thoughts and feelings from your daily experiences," said Anne Parker, a health consultant. Curiosity breeds discovery, she explains, "constantly discovering each other, keeping the relationship alive and interesting."


5. "Real listening, whether it's the differences you're trying to resolve, deep-rooted thoughts and feelings, or a simple daily routine, doesn't matter - the key to talking to a partner is to really listen," said Anne Parker, a health consultant. "Real listening doesn't mean just paying attention to others, no explanation, no hypothesis, no defense," she said. The Purdue University extension, consumer and Family Sciences, focused on building stronger relationships, produced a fact sheet on how to be a better listener. For example, it suggests that your partner pay attention when speaking, ask questions until you understand, let your partner know that you understand, and show support through physical and verbal expressions of love.

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6. When there are disagreements between you and your partner, don't be opinionated that you're right and ignore what's really important. " Anne Parker, a health consultant, said: "being right only creates obstacles to determination and effective action." Most of the time, she said, it doesn't matter who is to whom. " It's about how you connect, listen, discuss and create the biggest results. " The contribution of

is the digital vision / photoelectric image. "Touch is essential to our health," said Anne Parker, a health consultant. All forms of care release our body's beneficial biochemistry, including oxytocin. "In the brain, oxytocin plays a role in reducing stress responses, including anxiety, and in regulating social behaviors such as maternal care, trust, pairing, and sexual behavior." "This is the so-called love hormone," Parker said. Oxytocin can help us feel connected and connected to the people we love. It's helpful to be a little more considerate. "

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8. Anne Parker, a health consultant, said: "having fun together, sharing happiness and laughter is essential to maintaining relationships." The study, published in the International Journal of aging and human development, collected data from 100 couples who had been married for 45 years or more to determine what factors might be involved in a stable and satisfactory marriage. These couples consider the four most important variables in marriageOne is a sense of humor. " There are many ways to share fun and laughter, and regularly doing so is essential to support love and stability in any relationship. Making sure you create space and time for entertainment is your first priority. "


9. Participate in a common purpose

participate in a common purpose, interest or goal. According to the data of the national promotion relationship and marriage education network, couples in a strong and healthy relationship have goals and ideals, which give them the purpose and significance of the relationship. This not only helps to build common ground in your relationship, but also gives you both a sense of working together. You and your partner can choose to volunteer together, participate in religious or spiritual activities, work to improve your community, or just take the time to reaffirm a shared value system. Sharing these activities will help deepen your friendship and provide motivation, direction and meaning as a couple.

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What do you think?

What are your suggestions for a focused, loving relationship? Do you and your partner practice any of the ideas listed? Are you going to try it? What other ways do you and your loved ones develop and maintain a conscious and loving relationship? Share your thoughts with the community in the comments below.

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