20 Highest-Paying Jobs for Men vs. Women

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Operations Research Analyst
  • Women earn $1,300 a week

Operations research analysts assist organizations in identifying and resolving issues affecting their businesses. Using complex analytical and mathematical techniques, they create simulations, perform predictive modeling and outline performance forecasts. Additionally, these professionals prepare reports and briefings and are usually responsible for advising high-level decision-makers within the organization.

You might be able to land a job with a bachelor's degree, but most employers seek candidates with master's degrees in engineering, computer science, analytics or mathematics. And you might have to obtain a background check and security clearance, according to the BLS.

Strong modeling skills can help candidates command high salaries in this field. Additionally, continuing education is imperative if you want to excel.

Among the top-paying jobs for women, operations research analyst comes in at No. 16, with a weekly paycheck of $1,300. It does not appear in the 20 highest-paying jobs for men, according to BLS data. Offering a good work-life balance, this is one career that won't kill you.