15 Illegal Photos of Life in North Korea That Will Blow Your Mind


North Korea is perhaps one of the most mysterious countries in the world given how it is isolated when it comes to the current developments globally. It is a country that puts much focus on its reputations and goes to great lengths to control the image it portrays to the rest of the world. Thanks to the media it has managed to achieve its goal of keeping what they don’t want to be revealed, and it is strictly kept a secret. In fact, when you successfully manage to get through the difficult visa acquisition process and get into the country, photography is not among the list of hobbies you can engage in. It is highly restricted.

However, there have popped up various photographs from this country clogged with a figurative darkness, that the country would not have wanted outsiders to set their eyes on – thanks to the efforts of some brave persons. Here are 15 illegal photos of life in North Korea that will blow your mind completely.


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1.    On the global stage, the North Korean army is among the most important – it is said. However, when you travel to the country, you will often come across army soldiers doing menial tasks that you would not expect a soldier to be doing. They even work in farms.