100 Perfectly Timed Pictures Taken Before a Disaster


Here is a list of some of the most jaw-dropping snaps on the internet. They were taken before the unexpected happened. If you were at the exact place each of these snaps was taken, you might be left breathless.

1. A dramatic entrance.

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Usually, it’s something that most people enjoy. However, when it’s as dramatic as this one, you’ll regret you’ll ever have to make one.

2. Wished you can get a little faster?

Unless you have your wheels checked, or that you are sure you are on the winning edge, you can always do that.

3. It’s never part of the show.

Cycling, like other sports, can get too risky most of the time. Better be safe always.

4. Boys never learn.

They always want to impress, but never willing to express their willingness to accept their mistakes. Perhaps, now they’ll learn. Thank goodness Grandma’s there to catch them right in time. We’re keeping our fingers crossed nothing bad happened here.

5. This pair got too excited.

Let’s just wish there’s a pool near this food joint so they can just head over and have a dip. They’ll have more fun later.

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