25 Cheapest Places to Live in California


California offers a whole lot of opportunity especially for young families who would like to experience a different environment, where a fabulous range of natural beauty is in abundance, there are great universities, diverse employment opportunities that offer high salaries, and home value remains high.

It may seem that with a high standard of living it will be impossible to stay in an affordable place in California. In fact, there are several locations where you can find one, including in these 25 cities.


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With a score of 95 for the cost of living compared to the average in other city’s in California which is 100 to 135, Avenal in Kingston is an affordable place to stay in. You will enjoy every amenity within the city, including several parks and its local sports complex.

2. Arcata

Originally called Union Town or Union, Arcata is located adjacent to the Arcata Bay (northern) portion of Humboldt Bay in Humboldt County. It is considered North Coast’s most progressive town. If you like green living, neat and clean surroundings, you should consider living here.

3. Oroville

Oroville ranks #20 in California’s Best Green Cities (http://www.bestplaces.net/docs/studies/greencities.aspx), has an average commute time of 19 minutes, has a cost of living of 0.90% lower than the average in most U.S cities. Employment records a positive growth within the area as well.

4. Orangevale

Orangevale was initially referred to as Orange Vale. It is known for the many groves in the vast agricultural area called the 1884 Santa Juanita Grant of the Mexican government. Natural beauty abounds in the area, including original oak trees, and a unique rural character making life a bit laid back and easy going.

5. Cameron Park

The country lifestyle that areas near Sacramento region offer are something to consider when looking for the best places to live in California. With a stable housing market and several local amenities, there will be endless opportunities to enjoy the area.

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