100 Travel Photographer Fails Around The World


Check out these 100 travel photo fails. These are some unusual, memorable, and totally awkward photographer fails from around the world.

Travel Photographer Fails 1: Perfectly swapped.

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At first glance, it looks like the guy has a skinny, flawless legs. But it is the girl’s legs reflected on the mirror.

Travel Photographer Fails 2: Who else would like to join the ride?

These people are living a thug life. As the saying goes, “Real men do it in one trip.”

Travel Photographer Fails 3: Transformed.

Some people are weird. Some animals are vein. When you put the two together, you will get a human body with an alpaca head.

Travel Photographer Fails 4: This is actually a new diving style.

Fabulous! Is it a stunt for synchronized swimming? A backflip or a breast-and-head-first dive? It just isn’t clear.

Travel Photographer Fails 5: He wanted to have the moon, but it slipped from his grip.

What exactly is he supposed to be holding? Well, some people just don’t have the skills of a good photographer.