20 Of The World’s Best Islands


6. Maui.

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Maui presents a sweeping canvas of attractions. It’s a paradise that offers an exciting adventure on a landscape that is totally captivating. World-famous destinations in Maui include the enchanting Kaanapali Beach and the historic Lahaina.

7. St. Lucia.

Scuba diving is a great way to discover the wealth of the deep. At St. Lucia you are sure to have the best scuba diving experience. Famous dive sites that you may opt to go when in St. Lucia include Anse La Raye Wall, Grand Caille, Trou au Diable, among others.

8. Seychelles.

Once reach Seychelles, you may think that you are already in paradise. Here, you’ll get to enjoy an outstanding view of the crystal clear water that seems to mingle with the clear skies beyond the horizon. This is a chain of islands off the eastern coast of Africa that boasts of fawn-colored sands, huge yet amiable tortoises, as well as a picturesque scenery.

9. Crete.

Crete, the largest of the Greek islands, is exceptional. Although a portion of it carries its Greek history, much of it reflects an extraordinary culture and atmosphere of its own. It cannot be called “Megalónisos”, the “Great Island” for no reason. Minoan palaces and towns, exquisite architecture, engaging activities, including hiking and enjoying its pristine waters, are a few of the things you will get to enjoy when you visit Crete.

10. Fiji.

Fiji is notable for its waterfalls, rainforests, and secluded beaches. The place is also called the garden island and is best for hiking and snorkeling. Discovering the volcanic Mamanuca Mountains, as well as every kind of lovebird there is in the world, are an experience to remember when visiting Fiji.