Top 100 Amazing Places to Travel Around Spain


6.Gothic Quarter, Barcelona, Spain

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Gothic architecture at its finest is found at the heart of Barcelona. With its bold structure and jaw-dropping designs, this place will surely captivate you in all forms.

7.Casa Batllo, Barcelona, Spain

Art Noveau of Gaudi’s designs, Casa Battlo perfectly emblemize the flourishing era of modernist art. The picture-perfect facade is emblazoned with colorful tiles and irregular oval windows.

8.Mosque of Cordoba, Spain

Lie on its marble, granite, onyx and jasper walls are rich Moorish architecture in a Christianity back drop. Encrypted in them where Spain’s rich culture that connects the past to the present.

9.Royal Palace of Madrid, Spain

Standing in perfect form to date, the Royal Palace is a construct of resolute Spanish government. Relive the majestic past of Spain’s monarchy within the walls of its Royal Palace.

10.La Rambla, Barcelona, Spain

Think of nature in both sides of a busy pavement. Say hello to La Rambia of Barcelona. This tree-lined pedestrian mall, waves its captivation waiting for your entrance within its lushes.