Kate Middleton's former coach can teach us what postpartum weight loss is

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she may be the Duchess of Cambridge, but when it comes to the rebound after pregnancy, Kate Middleton is the queen! Since giving birth to her third child, Louis, earlier this month, the 36 year old girl is likely to have reached her pre birth weight. As early as 2013, Middleton used the "manicure mummy manual" as her exercise choice after giving birth to baby George. Livestrong.com interviewed Kelly Rainey, co-founder of the program and a busy mom's fitness center, and revealed everything she needed to complete her diet and fitness plan. "You have to take into account that you have nine months of children in your stomach, and it's critical to do things right," Rennie says for those who want to get back in shape. Next: find out Rennie's best secret to achieve postpartum BOD. Credit: Ben Steiner - W.P.A. pool / Getty Images)

1. If your schedule is similar to Kate Middleton's, it's definitely not on your side. From dealing with crying babies to rarely sleeping, a few hours of the day seem to go by quickly. Renee, who has trained thousands of women, advises new mothers like Middleton to keep exercising fast and simple, especially at the beginning. "After getting the doctor's permission for six weeks, I recommend exercising three to four times a week for up to 20 minutes," she said. "But for me, exercise is as easy as walking outside. It's all about doing what you can. " Next step: guess what kind of drink should you give up completely in order to achieve your fitness goal?

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2. Many new mothers vow to drink coffee to keep them healthy, but Renee advises her clients not to drink coffee at all, but only water. "As a breastfeeding mother, I told her that she should drink three liters of water a day," she said. "What happened was that a lot of mothers went for coffee. They don't eat breakfast, they drink coffee, they dehydrate, and one of the things our bodies need most is water. " Lenny revealed that for stressed new mothers, coffee does more harm than good. "Many mothers are already living in an anxious world, trying to cope with what is going on. Why bring a stimulant to feed them? "

next: if you run out of coffee, what foods should you eat to maintain your energy level?

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3. There is no more processed food

it can be difficult to plan a balanced diet in terms of nutrition, but it is crucial when trying to get back on track. To make life easier for new mothers, Renee suggests focusing on the whole set of food rather than cooking complex dishes. "I personally think that if you are breastfeeding, increasing your healthy fat really helps to produce milk. I try to focus on whole carbs and processed carbs like rice, quinoa and sweet potatoes. Look at those simple things, because no mother can sit in the kitchen for an hour just after giving birth. "Lots of protein, vegetables and healthy fats. "Keep carbs under control," Lenny said. "Next step: find out why you should listen to your body in terms of health and fitness. The contribution of

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4. It's hard to listen to your body, and Renee knows that. The Australian coach advised mothers like Middleton to listen to their bodies. "Through our program, I have trained thousands of mothers. What I have in common is that I feel overwhelmed. The only way I can bring incredible results to mom after childbirth is to really help them not feel that way. " To overcome negative emotions, Renee makes her new mother feel good. "The first thing to get Mom on the right track is mentality. I try to help her focus on things that make her feel better, like getting more sleep, or joining a team to stay responsible. "

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5. Don't make excuses! Excuses can be tempting, especially for mothers who have just given birth. But if someone like Kate Middleton can squeeze out time for exercise without excuses, you can too! Lenny smiled and said, "when I talk to a mother and I listen to the first five minutes, I might finish the story myself, because I've heard it so many times." "I don't have time, I don't have money, I feel fat." No matter where you put your energy, it will expand. "To get them in the right head space, Renee asked her clients if they would like to focus on changing their habits rather than on dieting. "Remind them that everything in their lives is habitual - good, bad, ugly - so if they find themselves on the path of negative thinking, they must really pay attention to pulling themselves out."

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