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As the old song says, it's hard to break up. Learning to live without the hassles of learning is painful, and it's easy to have painful feelings about what drives you apart. But not all breakups are ugly. These 10 celebrity couples prove that when you break up, you can say "I want to be a friend" (actually serious).

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1. Jennifer Aniston's recent breakup with Justin Theroux was a huge blow. But their joint statement may be the friendliest ever: "to reduce further speculation, we decided to announce a separation. This decision was made by both sides at the end of last year, and it is very kind. We are two of our best friends. They decided to go their separate ways, but look forward to continuing our cherished friendship. " According to people, they are still talking, and according to Metro UK, they have just reached an agreement on the custody of the dog. What could be more friendly? When Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin broke up, they didn't even use the word "break up". Instead, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin created the word "conscious separation". They have two children, apple and Moses, who seem to have the ability to raise their children together and still spend their holidays together, or even go on holidays together, even though patro is now engaged to Brad falchuck. But it's not easy. As patero told Porter, "I want to make my divorce a good thing. If I blame each other for nothing, let myself be 100% responsible? What if I check my health at the door and put my children first? Remind yourself of my beloved ex husband and cultivate their friendship? " Although she went on to say it was the hardest thing she had ever done, she felt it was worth the effort when the children were in danger. Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley have since fallen into one of the best friendships - the godfather of her now 15-year-old son - but it may not have been easy at the time. Earlier this year, grant spoke affectionately about his relationship with Hurley in the interview with Jesse Cagle: "we are like brothers and sisters... I think part of the reason is that we've come together somewhere from scratch. " In 1995, grant was arrested for indecency with a prostitute, and two years later, grant continued to admit that the incident eventually led to their separation. Grant himself recently (and others) gave birth to a fifth child, which Hurley announced in an interview with the US media because she was very playful! "Royalty" series, their friendship is still intact. Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, powerful men of the 1990s, divorced in 2000 after having three children. What makes headlines? How well they get along! Their daughter, rumor, once told Larry King now that she "thanks" her parents for handling their breakup as well as they did. "I never need to be on holiday or have my birthday apart," she said. They always try to do all the family activities together, and try to make our family still be a whole, rather than two independent things, which I think really has an impact. Young love doesn't always develop into the best friendship, but it does in the case of Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas. The relationship lasted only "one or two months" when they were teenagers. According to youth fashion magazine, she admitted that she fell in love with him when she kissed "Camp Rock" in her online documentary "simple and complex". The two were still very close and supported the project of the opposite party. When Joe announced his plan, Lovato even happily said engagement on twitter. To show that your first love can turn into a true friend.

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6. Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton met for the first time at the scene of the movie. They fell fast and heavy, with a bottle of each other's blood on their neck. Unfortunately, the blood in these vials is not strong enough to put them together. In an interview with GQ, Thornton said that although they had been divorced and married for a long time (in her opinion, they also divorced with children), they were still friends and talked every few months. " "I never felt good enough for her," he explained in an interview. "She always went to see the people of the United Nations, the president or the adoption agency, and he just wanted to stay at home and watch baseball." Although their marriage doesn't last long, it sounds like their friendship can last a lifetime.

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7. Chris Evans and Jenny Slater can't help but support Chris Evans and Jenny Slater, because what they say to the media after they break up is positive. " "We all love each other very much, it's a real, real love," Slater told people in a promotional campaign for the film genius. They did it together. " I mean, I've been talking about how beautiful Chris is. When someone asked about her, he was said to have flinched and tucked the fifth. Their one-year break-up was so healthy that people now report they may have reconciled by Christmas 2017. Hope it can keep on!

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8. Andrew Garfield and Emma stone

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back in 2015, when the actors broke up after four years together, the whole thing seemed dignified and never completely over. She described him as "a person I still love very much" and became popular a year after breaking up. He told Vanity Fair's podcast that she would be the only one with whom he would go to the desert island. They were found together many times last year, according to e! On the Internet, some people saw laughter and stroll together at the 2017 governor's award ceremony at the end of last year. Spiderman and his real lifeMary Jane in may still have hope!

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9. Chris Pratt and Anna Faris

when Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced their separation, they did so respectfully and without complaint. " "We still love each other and cherish our time together forever," it said. Two months later, Faris told people that she understood how frustrated the public was when they broke up: "it's understandable that people seem so committed to our common happiness," she said. All I can say is that it's true. We really adore each other. We love each other. I think it will happen. " She added: "there are still so many laughs in our lives together, and he is still proud of me. We watched each other grow up, and he kept ticking me. I think I'll make him happy - unless he's a good actor and good at pretending to laugh.

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10. Katie Perry and Orlando Bloom, both on and off, always show kindness and respect to each other when they leave again. According to people familiar with the matter, they met for the first time in January 2016 and decided to break up in March 2017, but they kept in touch. After the break-up, bloom told Elle: "we are friends," he said of Perry without mentioning her name. Very good. We are all grown up. She happens to be a conspicuous person, but I don't think anyone cares what I'm doing. Neither should they. This is between us. It's best to set an example for children to understand that (breaking up) doesn't have to be hate, "but guess what? The Internet is full of rumors of reconciliation. According to people, they travel around Prague. I think we have to wait and see if they are coming again!

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What do you think? Have you ever had a healthy breakup? Can you think of other celebrities? Let us know what you see and hear in the comments below!

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