This Man Bought An Old Log Cabin For 100 And What He Did With It Made Everyone Jealous


Cabins carry with them a story that has been altered with the heavy movements of time. What may appear to be a decrepit structure can actually carry with it a story that begs to be brought to life? Thomas Fortwright had a dream to inherit and restore a piece of property, but he never would have imagined his dream would present itself within the walls of a log cabin that had been forgotten for decades, lost among the trees. Thomas, age 65, was a retired realtor who had always wanted to find and restore a cabin of his own, but always missed the opportunity. While on a hunting trip that yielded no rewards, Thomas stumbled directly upon the old login cabin. Its walls were worn with age, and its windows were shattered from times incessant punishment.

Thomas decided that if he could contact the owner, it would be the opportunity he had constantly dreamed of possessing. This could act as the cabin he had regularly wanted to restore as his getaway vacation home. With new-found courage, Thomas did some research online to help himself track down the owner. Luckily as a realtor Thomas belonged to a network of property owners who could help him track down the cabin’s owner, a gentleman named Steve Underwedge. Thomas rapidly phoned Steve, asked what it would cost you buy the cabin, and was hurriedly floored to find out Steve was willing to give the cabin to Thomas for just $100. Steve had simply one condition, that Thomas completely restore the cabin to a brand-new condition. With a smile, Thomas had no qualms about gladly accepting the offer. The cabin quickly was signed over to Thomas with immense joy from both parties, and work promptly started to restore it to its former glory.

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The cabin sat waiting for Thomas to begin his work. The checkered windows and tattered wood contained so much potential that Thomas could not wait to unleash. The journey was about to begin and so would Thomas’ dreams.