Absolutely Terrifying Images of 63 Places Around The Asia


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6. Socotra, Yemen

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The place looks unbelievable. There are many alien-looking plants fit for extraterrestrial movies. To some people it is beautiful, but for others, it is mysterious and dangerous.

7. Gunkanjima, Japan

A 100-year-old building that is in ruin and has decayed. The Staircase to Hell was known to make anyone who dares to walk it feel hellish pain.

8. Muynak, Uzbekistan

Rusted boats scattered around this place but it wasn鈥檛 like this before the Soviets drained the sea and converted it into irrigation. It used to be a busy city port.

9. Door To Hell, Turkmenistan

This 230-foot-wide crater came into existence in 1971 through Soviet scientists looking for oil. Toxic gas mixed into the air when their drilling collapse. They lit it up thinking it will go soon away.

10. Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, Cambodia

In 1975 it was converted into a security prison where torture of soldiers and government officials took place. Ghost are said to wander the halls of this building.