Top 10 Places to Go with Kids


#9. Colorado, USA

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The Grand Canyon – This is one of the best view in Colorado that has lasted over 10k years. The rock wall in this canyon has been in existance for long and span a distance of over 200 miles making it the largest Canyon.It is an amazing city that will offer your kids joy as they enjoy the unique landscape.

Denver Puppet Theatre -This Theater is not just fun but also inexpensive. Apart from watching the marionette, kids get to create their puppets free of charge and also hold their puppet shows. It is a great experience for any kid.

Great Sand Dunes National Park – This is the only place in the world that kids can hike up humongous sand dunes and later skateboard down to cool off in the creek that is located at the base.

North Pole Santa’s Workshop is actually located in Colorado Springs. Here, kids can have fun all year long while they stay in a holiday mood. The North Pole offers many family friendly rides, a magic show, and animals. You can also get to eat in the many eateries while the kids get photos with Santa.